Chapter Seventeen – Patterns

26 Jul

There still wasn’t anything about the models or the cathedral on the internet or even in the university library. My student card didn’t expire for another couple of weeks and it seemed like a stupid idea not to check the library at least once. I guess that I’d thought that if the rest of the town had changed so much, then the library would reflect this fact. I was partially right.

Most of the books had changed, but most of them made no sense at all. If a thousand monkeys with a thousand typewriters had got any of their works published, then they probably ended up in this version of the library. Even the books which made sense were all about completely useless topics like cryptopaleontology, autovampiric death rituals and alectryomancy. But, the most puzzling thing of all was the fact that there were quite a few people in the library actually reading all of these books.

For a while, I thought that it was part of a hallucination, that the jasmine tea had just given me a distorted view of the world and that the people in the library were actually reading perfectly normal books. After all, I had no way of telling.

Well, actually that wasn’t true. When I’d spotted a guy in a red T-shirt who was just finishing a book of random text, I’d walked up to him and asked him about it. He just ran his fingers through his short wiry hair and smiled before saying ‘What are you talking about? This is William Burroughs. You know, cut-up fiction. It’s an experimental type of writing which was popular among a few writers in the sixties. I’m doing my dissertation about it.’

Typical, I’d picked the one person in the library who was actually reading a proper book. After that, I was just too embarrassed to talk to anyone else. So, I got the bus back into town and ended up in my room again. I still had no idea what any of this even meant.

There was only one thing to do in a situation like this. Watch as much TV as I can until I came up with an idea. It had never failed to work for me before.

Of course, there was probably nothing but shitty daytime TV on at this time of the day. The usual formulaic gameshows, depressing news reports and sensationalist chat shows. It was tabloid television at it’s worst, but it was probably all that was on at the moment. I’d already got through my DVD collection a week or two ago and, well, desperate times call for desperate measures.

I foraged through the depths of the freezer for another microwave meal and eventually emerged with a lasagna which I’d bought a few weeks ago. As I stabbed it a few times and threw it into the microwave, I looked out of the kitchen window. A short, fat ginger cat sat on the fence opposite the window and stared at me. I smiled to myself and turned the microwave on before collapsing onto the sofa and reaching for the remote.

For all the creepy wooden models, deadly playing cards, dark cathedrals and possessed music shops – the one good thing about this world was the daytime TV. Although half of the channels showed nothing but static, the others were really fascinating. Especially the one which showed nothing but shifting geometric afterimage patterns. Yes, it looked like a screensaver of some kind or another, but there was the occasional strange face in the background. It probably had nothing to do with the case though.

Once my meal was done, I sat at the table and ate it in silence. Keeping my eyes on the TV, I started to notice something forming behind the patterns. It wasn’t a face and I don’t think that it was even a symbol either. But it was something. Reaching for my phone, I took three picture of it. Although the photos were grainy as hell, it was just about visible. Finally! Something here that could actually be photographed.

As for the thing itself, it was almost like a pyramid, but it seemed to exist in four dimensions and it was slightly rounder than any pyramid I’d seen before. Although it really didn’t look like a pyramid either. I couldn’t describe it. Just when I thought that I’d found a way to describe it, it changed. By now, I’d started taking a video of it on my phone.

Liminal Rites Animation 1

When I finally pulled my eyes away from the screen, it was getting dark outside. Maybe it was just a distraction for the sake of a distraction? But I sensed that it was something more. Something important. I guess, like with anything here, I probably wouldn’t find anything about it on the internet – but it wouldn’t hurt to look.

For once, it took me all of two minutes to find exactly what it meant.

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