Chapter Twenty Nine – Blue

7 Aug

Picking up the chisel again, I tapped it’s chest with the end of the handle and heard a hollow thud. It’d be more than a bit disappointing if they were completely empty. I tapped it again and heard the same noise. At least they weren’t filled with ink.

At the bottom of the chaotic pile of tools behind me, there was a large hammer. It looked a bit like a very short sledgehammer and it was certainly heavy enough to come from a sledgehammer. I heard a clock tick again as I raised the hammer above the wooden model’s chest and lined up the chisel. There was no clue what was in there and I realised that it could very easily be rigged with a bomb. Then again, I was just being paranoid, no-one could have known that I was going to dissect one of these things.

So, I tensed my arm and swung the hammer down. The first blow barely even chipped it. I raised the hammer and steadied the chisel again. The next blow carved a small chunk out of it’s chest. I let out a sigh and got ready for another one, I thought about the ink and about how fucking stupid I was to let this thing smash the shop window. How stupid I was to open the coffin in The Demon and give those things a chance to do their job. I was furious at myself.

This time, I lost myself in the motion as I shouted out and drove the hammer into the end of the chisel. It smashed into the chisel and I felt my other hand slip forwards and scrape against the jagged surface of it’s chest. I pulled it away as fast as I could. Even in the dim light, I could see that I was bleeding. I fumbled through my jacket pockets, but couldn’t find a single plaster anywhere. Still, it probably looked worse than it actually was.

I looked up and saw that the chisel was embedded in it’s chest, like a vampire which had just been staked to death. No matter how much I tried to twist it, I couldn’t get the chisel out again. So, picking up the hammer again, I kept hitting it until I only the end of the chisel stood out against the splintery wood like a giant rivet. Sitting back and catching my breath, I looked for another tool until my eyes settled on the saw again. I should have cut the damn thing in half rather than wasting my time with the chisel.

Although the wood didn’t handle chisels that well, I was able to saw through it it surprisingly quickly. Apart from a single chisel blade, the model was completely hollow. I just couldn’t make sense of it, I’d expected at least a few motors and circuits – but there was nothing. Absolutely nothing. Even the wood I’d just cut through looked perfectly ordinary too. Although it seemed like the only logical explanation, I refused to even accept the idea that it was magic. As strange as this world was, there had to be physical laws behind it, even if they were slightly different.

Maybe that was it? Maybe I was looking at a whole new form of technology? But it just looked like a hollow wooden model, maybe even a sculpture if I was being generous. I’d just wasted the past hour and scratched my hand to pieces for nothing. Typical.

Just as I pulled myself to my feet, I heard something move inside what was left of the model. my whole body tensed up, ready to flee, but something just rolled out of it’s stomach and came to rest at my feet. It looked like a bright blue marble.

For a second, I just left it there. It could be poisonous or explosive. But, as I covered my hand with the sleeve of my jacket and picked it up, I noticed that it was actually filled with a gloopy blue liquid which looked a lot like ink. Great, it comes in blue too. Why am I surprised?

Dropping the marble into my pocket, I decided to head back to The Caffe Noire to see if Rosie could make any sense of it.

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